Doreen Johnson, RMT

Even as a little girl I was interested in the functioning of the human body and dreamed of becoming a doctor. Well, I didn’t and instead went into engineering and technology. For the next several decades I progressed in a career in oil and gas while building a home, raising two sons and generally enjoying a country style family life in NE BC. Eventually the career called for more formal education and a move to Calgary to attend university.  There I earned a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering together with a B.A. in International Relations.

As my career continued to progress in the city my life, in its way, caught up. The long days at a desk and little time for physical activity aggravated an old childhood injury in my neck.  I was in chronic severe pain  with frequent loss of the use of one hand and my balance, and it was just getting worse. Looking at probable full disability within years I instead reached out for – and fortunately received – some excellent healing through a combination of chiropractic and massage treatments. These stabilized my condition over just a few years, without surgery and with using very few drugs.

My curiosity for how the human body heals was re-ignited. I started with energy healing and trained in Reiki at the Master level, as well as in other modalities. Health became a passion with more and more satisfaction in pursuing those learnings. In 2018 I completed the 3000 hour Advanced Massage Therapy training at Makami College while gradually reducing the oil and gas work, going full time as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in the spring of 2020.

I continue to work constantly on expanding my toolkit of techniques and knowledge to provide better service – focusing on therapeutic treatments to achieve lasting and optimum health.

I consider it an absolute honor to be included in your path to integrated wellness of being and spirit, to protect and care for the body that you live in. I provide proactive and preventative massage, with both empathic and intuitive understanding. One strength is that I listen carefully  to fully understand how you, the client, see your needs.

When not working I enjoy gardening between frequent long distance motorcycle road trips. Being a new resident of the Crowsnest Pass I still have lots to explore locally as well! You may meet me on a trail with my large white sheep dog, Hope. If  you do be sure to stop and say Hi!